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Outside Cam 1 Shack Cam 1 Shack Cam 2 Shack Cam 3 Outside Cam 2

Click on the images above to go to a full size image that refreshes automatically.

Still images from All 6 Cameras (refreshes automatically every minute)

During major contests look for streaming video/audio on Facebook Live from the K1TTT Super Station page. It also has audio from in the shack, but not directly from the radios. This is done using a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 which is near Camera 2.

All other cameras are from TrendNet

These cameras have a built in web servers with administrative and user controls. Unfortunately due to changes in Java and Active-X security implementations and past problems with hacking of the cameras I have disabled the video streaming outside of my lan.

I have set the cameras up to ftp snapshots every 15 seconds to my internal web server for the still picture pages like this page.

Camera Locations in shack: