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David Robbins, K1TTT



Station Overview

Inside The Shack

This page describes the current towers and antennas. Pictures updated in the Fall of 2018 by NT2X. Clicking on any picture should bring up a high resolution version in a separate page, be patient, these may take a while to download over my poor DSL line.

Its hard to get a good image of all the towers at once. This one shows the 5 towers described below. From left to right are the 180' Tower, farther back is the West 120' Tower, then the South 120' Tower, Just to the left of the house is the 150' Tower, and then the little one behind the house is the House Tower.


The lists of links below take you a separate page for each tower, or for each band, to see more detailed pictures and descriptions of the hardware.





VRML is out of date, only works on IE-11 or later anyway, will update later, maybe. VRML Tour of K1TTT Download the Cortona 3D Viewer from Parallelgraphics.com so you can view the VRML file. Outline of my property is the only area represented at this time. Maybe I'll add the surrounding area later. Click on the 'Sun' (you may have to look up from the starting view to see it) to get an automatic tour. There are viewpoints defined at the base of each tower that you can select with the view buttons or by right clicking to get the popup menu. Clicking on the towers takes you to the page for the tower description.