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David Robbins, K1TTT



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Most of the stuff on here is about Ham Radio.

I am located in the town of Peru in Berkshire County in Massachusetts in the USA. Berkshire County is the farthest west county in Massachusetts . Peru has the highest town center in Massachusetts . My station is located near the north end of town at an elevation of about 1900' AMSL. Nice Google Map 'satellite' image that was taken in early Spring of 2014.

I grow a variety of towers and antennas, to feed the stations in my Shackshack. I presently have 4 towers (5 if you count the one with the 2m/70cm vertical and wx station) ranging from 120' to 180' tall. I also have 7 operating positions with radios, amplifiers, computers, and all that other stuff that is needed to keep a station running. I operated contests here for over 25 years, now I let guest operators do the contests. See the calendars in the side bar for links to current and future schedules. I wrote a book about building the station(Now free download!). Besides what is in the book I keep a web page with more blogs about day to day maintenance and upgrades.

I write software for a living, and also write some for Ham Radio. All my Ham Radio software is FREE! There are programs for propagation prediction, utilities for use with the CT contest logging program, and for the PacketCluster network software. Source code is available for all programs.

Direct downloads of my book PDF and DVD extras plus more contest and DX data is available from my web site and other mirrors. Check out the readme file for the current list of what is available. Please try the mirror sites first since they have better outgoing bandwidth than I do.

Important information about AR-Cluster Node!