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David Robbins, K1TTT



Page History: AR-Cluster Node Upgrade

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Page Revision: 2013/11/26 18:43

I am upgrading the node software to the new AR-Cluster version 6. This software is designed from the ground up to handle large volumes of users and spots, including the Reverse Beacon Network(RBN) spot feed. There is a user program that can be used to set filters graphically and serve spots to your logging program like the ve7cc program does.

UNFORTUNATELY... my DSL line does not provide enough bandwidth to allow 300+ users during contests with 100k spots/hour to access the RBN spots. Please go to the cluster directory and try another node if you want to have the RBN spots.

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Ports for users and node connections as follows:

  • Port 23 - Users
  • Port 7373 - Users
  • Port 7374 - Users
  • Port 8001 - Old PacketCluster style PCxx protocol nodes (login prompt is only 'login:')

Skimmer K1TTT-# feeds spots to the RBN only, it is not available for direct connection. You should be able to see the spots from it on any node that has the Reverse Beacon Network(RBN) spot feed.